LogTronix Music Videos

LogTronix Music Videos are created, edited, funded and released by Dynasty Productions.  In just over a year Dynasty Productions has released 3 video clips.

We will be releasing more LogTronix Music Videos with tracks from the LogTronix Album which was released April 2017 as well as realising more music.

If you would like to be involved in upcoming LogTronix Music Videos, please contact Liana on info@dynastyproductions.com.au

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Track 1: Aso

Track 2: Tuki

Track 3: Vave

Track 4: Pati

Track 5: Lalo

Track 6: Lololo

Track 7: Ulavale

Track 8: Sweki

Track 9: Tulou

Track 10: Kua Lava

We will be releasing more LogTronix Music Videos and LogTronix Snippets for upcoming tracks.  We love dancers creating to the LogTronix tracks, if you have please tag us on all social media platforms @logtronix and #LogTronix .

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